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Bystander Intervention
Empowered Bystander Basics
For just over a year, Student Health Promotion and the Dean of Students office have partnered with Student Judicial Board, Civic Engagement, Greek Life and Athletics to offer Sexual Misconduct Policy and Bystander Intervention training to over 700 students. Through training and education, Student Health Promotion is able to provide students with skills and strategies to prevent sexual violence. Bystander Intervention training equips students with skills that positively impact our campus and our community. Preventing sexual violence can be as simple as checking in to make sure a friend is ok, encouraging others to use mobile safety apps like Circleof6 or calling for a Georgia State University Police escort…more>>

Talk. Test. Treat.

April is Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Awareness month. Sexually active students should protect themselves with three simple actions: Talk. Test. Treat. Talk to your partner and health care provider about sexual behaviors and concerns about sexually transmitting infections. Get tested on a regular basis and with new sexual partners. Seek treatment if diagnosed with an sexually transmitted infection. Student Health Promotion now offers free Chlamydia and Gonorrhea testing for students. Call 404-413-1577 or 404-413-1578 today to schedule an appointment.