Healthy Sexuality Programs

Healthy Sexuality Programs

Safer Sex Serenade
It’s not just about condoms anymore! Learn the various barrier methods available and the correct way to use them. We’ll give you a beat and you give us your song on how you like to cover your lover! Wrap it up!

Sex? What’s Your Position?
It’s time to show us your sex skills! This interactive game will pit team against team to see how much knowledge you have about all things related to sexual health.

Sex in the Dorm Room
Let’s talk about sex, baby! This program is not the same old condom demonstration; it will incorporate several types of condoms and protection from STDs and STIs. In addition, program participants will learn the differences between high and low risk sexual encounters.

Sexual Health Jeopardy
Play the game! Learn! Win! Requests for this program must be made in advance!

Please note: These programs use a variety of explicit sexual terms and strong adult language.