Goal Planning
Having trouble establishing and keeping health goals? Let a member of Student Health Promotion team help you establish a personal health goal action plan.

HIV Testing
Know your status! Student Health Promotion offers free, confidential HIV testing for Georgia State University students.

Tobacco Cessation
Trying to quit? As the saying goes, Quitters always win! Win back your health by participating in individual or group tobacco cessation programs at Student Health Promotion.

Free Condom and Dental Dam Distribution
Need help identifying the best barrier method for you? Student Health Promotion offers free male and female condoms, dental dams and lubricant. Stop by the office on the second floor of Citizen’s Trust Building, 75 Piedmont, Suite 241, to learn more or pick up a pack today.

Choices is a dynamic two-session educational seminar where students explore and reflect on information presented as it relates to their choices about substance use. The first session will meet for one and a half hours, and the second meeting will last an hour. These seminars will be offered approximately twice a month. Classes are limited to 12 participants per class.