Make a Resolution to Love Your Body

Posted On January 5, 2016
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On a daily basis, we see advertisements on television, in magazines and in social media, displaying someone’s definition of perfection. This year, do not make a resolution to love someone’s body; instead, make a resolution to love your own. Love Your Body is a national movement encouraging people of all shapes, sizes and skin tones to acknowledge their uniqueness and beauty on an individual basis. The message we promote is for everyone to embrace their own body without measuring it against their ability to embody current beauty standards.

Body image concerns can cause unnecessary stress if they get out of control. Not focusing on the numbers is a great way to maintain a healthy body image. Weight and body mass index do not give substantial information about body composition. Loving your body is not about a specific number on a scale or tape measure but about embracing a healthy lifestyle.

Some people experience extreme emotions, attitudes and behaviors surrounding weight and food which can become problematic, such as an eating disorder. Eating disorders are serious emotional and physical problems that can have life-threatening consequences for females and males. The National Eating Disorders Association provides a list of 20 Different Ways to Love Your Body. This list includes imagining your body as the “vehicle to your dreams,” not letting your body shape or size hold you back from doing something you love and making a list of things you like about yourself and reading it often.

You only get one body. Take time to appreciate what you have and do not lose time wishing for what you do not. Loving your body does not happen overnight, but with positive reinforcement and support it is possible. Student Health Promotion offers programs and information about healthy nutrition, as well as literature on body image. If body image concerns are impacting you or a friend please contact the Counseling and Testing Center. We are here to help you see and love the best you.