Love Your Body Month

Posted On February 13, 2017
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On a daily basis, we see advertisements on television, in magazines and on social media displaying society’s definition of perfection. February is Love Your Body month. Love Your Body is a national movement encouraging people of all shapes, sizes and skin tones to acknowledge their uniqueness and beauty on an individual basis. The message promoted is for everyone to embrace their own body without measuring it against their ability to embody current beauty standards.

During the month of February, students should make a point to utilize all of the tools available on campus to put themselves and their body first. Here are some ways to love your body this month:

  • Focus on nutrition. Nutrition counseling is offered to all Georgia State University students at no cost by the Student Health Clinic and the Counseling and Testing Center. Students interested in nutrition counseling may speak with a registered dietitian by calling 404-413-2171.
  • Get an annual physical. Many students might not think a yearly checkup is really necessary, especially when they consider themselves to be in good health. However, nearly one-third of the 133 million Americans living with a chronic disease are unaware of their health condition. For more information or to make an appointment, call the Student Health Clinic at 404-413-1930.
  • Stay active. Being active can help students stay on track with their health and wellness goals. Try taking a walk or doing active things with friends like hiking or biking. Visit the Recreation Center for information on how to stay fit on campus.
  • Don’t neglect mental health. Over 50 percent of students suffer from anxiety or depression. Georgia State University’s Counseling and Testing Center offers free and confidential help to assist students with mental healthcare needs. Walk-in during business hours or call the Counseling and Testing Center at 404-413-1640 to make an appointment to speak with a counselor. The Counseling and Testing Center is available for emergencies at any time.
  • Break that unhealthy habit. One of the best things we can do for our bodies is to eliminate toxins such as smoking. Student Health Promotion offers tobacco cessation resources at no cost to Georgia State University students. For more information, please visit Student Health Promotion or call 404-413-1577.
  • Know your status. Over 44 percent of students (ages 18-24) who have HIV aren’t even aware that they have the virus. Students should know their status and put their health first! Student Health Promotion offers free and confidential HIV and other STI testing. For more information, or to make an appointment, call 404-413-1577.