Use your Senses for a Better Sleep

Posted On May 15, 2018
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College is a balancing act and students unfortunately often develop poor sleeping habits. Good quality sleep cannot occur without the right bedroom environment. Be mindful and use your five (sight, taste, hear, touch and sound) senses when getting ready to sleep. Sometimes, the answer to getting a good night’s sleep is a change of fresh linens and a glass of warm milk with a bit of lavender honey. Check out how to use your five senses to help you attain better quality sleep:


  • Invest in blackout window curtains for your windows. They are effective and help keep the light out and make your room nice and dark.
  • Keep your phone and all electronic devices on “silent mode” or turned off.


  • Going to sleep hungry is as bad as going to sleep too full! Avoid caffeine, large meals and alcohol before bedtime. Eat light and healthy snacks that will help keep you satisfied and not upset your stomach when going to sleep.
  • When in doubt, visit the Student Health Clinic’s Registered Dietitian who will serve as the best guide to help you reach your nutrition goals.


  • Listen to relaxing nature sounds to help you relax and fall asleep.
  • If you live with roommates, have a candid conversation in regards to your sleeping schedule, to avoid any potential disruptions.


  • Scent is very important because it can guide your mind to a relaxing paradise or to an uncomfortable place. Utilize an essential oil diffuser: Try lavender essential oil (a floral delicate scent will help you relax and fall asleep faster).
  • Change your dirty linens for fresh clean linens once a week.


  • Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your bedroom is very important for sleep quality and daytime functions.
  • Your mattress should be comfortable and not cause any pain or pressure to your body.

Student Health Promotion wants students to understand the importance of good quality sleep for their overall health and academic performance. The tips provided along with support from the Mind and Body Clinic and Counseling and Testing Center can provide students with resources to enjoy college, and get a good night’s sleep. Follow Student Health Promotion on our social media @BeWellGSU on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more information please visit American Academy for Sleep Education for more information and resources.