Safe Spring Break

Posted On February 28, 2019
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Spring break is an exciting time of year for most college students. The semester has reached a stressful point as students are faced with midterms and final projects just around the corner. It is no surprise that students are amped about celebrating this well-deserved extended break by planning trips to their favorite destinations or simply relaxing. As you plan your spring break activities, remember that this is your time. Take time to care for your health, safety, and well-being.

Some strategies to ensure a fun, healthy, and safe Spring Break:

  • Stay active. Incorporate physical activity into your day. Check out #HealthyMondayGSU #MoveItMonday for some ideas on social media.
  • Eat healthy. Bring healthy snacks, like fresh fruits and vegetables, to snack on during the day. Visit the local grocery store to buy healthier food options instead of eating out for every meal.
  • Drive or ride sober. Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving. If you feel a buzz, you are in no shape to drive. Drunk driving isn’t the only risk on the road: Drug-impaired driving is also an increasing problem on our nation’s roads. If drivers are impaired by any substance—alcohol or drugs—they should not get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Driving while impaired is illegal, period. Please remember – If You Feel Different, You Drive Different.
  • Safer sex. If you choose to engage in sexual activity, use condoms (i.e., external or internal) and barrier methods (e.g., dental dams) consistently and correctly to ensure sexually transmitted infection (STI) and pregnancy prevention. Follow #HealthyStateGSU this month to find a HIV testing event.
  • Use a buddy system. When leaving the hotel or resort, stay in a group and ensure that all of your friends remain in the group before going home.

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