About Us


The mission of Student Health Promotion is to provide transformational learning opportunities for students; through services, initiatives and student engagement to create health and well-being at Georgia State University and the global community.


  • Utilize effective health communication strategies that encourage healthy behavior.
  • Conduct research that informs practice and contributes knowledge to health promotion in higher education.
  • Provide training and educational opportunities that are strategically designed and evaluated to meet the health needs of Georgia State University students.
  • Build community capacity and maintain collaborative partnerships to advocate for and advance the health of individual students and the entire student population.
  • Develop and implement evidence-informed and theory-driven strategies addressing priority health issues, impediments to academic success and overall well-being.
  • Embrace (empower, collaborate with) the diverse communities on campus to ensure all students are provided have convenient and equal access to timely, high quality, affordable services.


A public health approach is used to address the health of the student population through a multidisciplinary approach.