Haven & AlcoholEDU

Georgia State University is proud to partner with EverFi to offer online education to new students. As part of a comprehensive health and safety program, Georgia State University expects each incoming student to complete Haven® or Haven Plus® and first-year students to also complete AlcoholEDU®.

AlcoholEdu® for College is a two part, educational, online course about alcohol and other drug safety. It's completely confidential, and individual student responses about alcohol and other drug behavior are not accessible by Georgia State University or any other party.

AlcoholEdu®, powered by Everfi, provides useful, research-based information to help students make healthy decisions and to help them develop healthy lifestyle habits that will benefit them the rest of their lives. AlcoholEdu® incorporates the latest evidence-based prevention methods to create a highly personalized user experience that inspires students to reflect on and consider changing their drinking behaviors. A federally funded, 30-campus randomized control trial found that AlcoholEdu® reduces high-risk drinking and alcohol-related harm among college students. The program motivates behavior change by:

  • Resetting unrealistic expectations about the effects of alcohol
  • Linking choices about drinking to academic and personal success
  • Helping students practice safer decision-making
  • Engaging students to create a healthier campus community

Haven-Understanding Sexual Assault™ is a two part, online sexual violence awareness and prevention course. One in five college women will experience some form of non-consensual sexual activity by graduation. Additionally, one in 71 men will experience rape at some point in their lives, with one in six victimized with sexually abusive experiences by the age of 18. The widespread impact of sexual violence on students presents an urgent and pressing challenge for the nation's campuses. Haven addresses the critical issues of sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking, which impact countless college students across the country. Haven uses a population-level approach to educate all students on the issues associated with sexual assault and relationship violence, taking into account their unique perspectives and experiences, providing:

  • Key definitions and statistics
  • Reflective and personalized content
  • Bystander skill and confidence-building strategies
  • Campus-specific policies, procedures and resources
  • Rich data summaries to inform future programming

Haven Plus™ provides tailored sexual assault prevention training to post-baccalaureate and non-traditional student groups, including graduate and professional students and adult learners. The course contains content that is specifically required by the amendments to the Clery Act included in the 2013 Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization and other pertinent federal regulations.

Course Registration
To register for Haven, AlcoholEDU and/or HavenPlus, please use the links below. Students will use their Georgia State University campusID and password to register for the course. Students who do not complete the course in one setting can use the links below to complete the course at a later date.

  • First Year students are expected to complete Haven and AlcoholEDU
  • Transfer students are expected to complete Haven
  • Graduate and professional students are expected to complete HavenPlus

Completion Deadlines
Georgia State University expects all incoming students to complete Haven or HavenPlus. New students under the age of 23 must also complete AlcoholEDU. Students enrolled in GSU1010 are required to complete both Haven and AlcoholEDU as part of GSU1010 course requirements.

Students Starting Fall 2017 Part 1 Deadline: September 11, 2017
Part 2 Deadline: November 6, 2017
Students Starting Spring 2018 Part 1 Deadline: January 29, 2018
Part 2 Deadline: March 26, 2018

Students who miss the Part 1 deadline should finish Part 1 of the required courses as soon as possible. There is a 30 day intersession between Part 1 and 2. Georgia State expects that required courses will be completed by the end of the student’s first semester.

Frequently Asked Questions

Georgia State University expects all incoming students to complete Haven (designed for students 23 and under) or HavenPlus (designed for students over the age of 23). New students under the age of 23 must also complete AlcoholEDU. Students enrolled in First Year Experience courses are required to complete both Haven and AlcoholEDU as part of the course requirements. Students will receive specific instructions from their course instructors regarding completion deadlines.
Part one of AlcoholEdu will take about 1.5-2 hours to complete. Part 1 of Haven or Haven plus will take about 1 hour to complete. Part 2 of AlcoholEdu, Haven, or Haven Plus will each take about 30 minutes to complete.
Students can access the course using the links below or via their iCollege account. Students will register using their Georgia State University campusID and password:

Internet access and audio capabilities are required. To avoid technical issues, please use any major web browser (e.g., Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome) released within the previous two years.

Thirty days after students complete Part 1 of the course, they will receive an email with a link and instructions to complete Part 2. Once students have completed Part 2, they will have completed all components of this requirement.
The courses include surveys to help personalize your experience and measure students’ attitudes and behaviors. All survey responses are confidential; Georgia State University will only receive information about the student body as a whole and will never see individual students’ answers.
Please contact Student Health Promotion for any questions about requirements or verification.
Technical support is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Please click the “Help” link within the courses to access technical support. Students may also contact Everfi,Inc. directly by dialing 866-384-9062. Georgia State University IS&T cannot provide technical support for this course.
Students must complete these courses for Georgia State University because each institution has different policies and resources in place.