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August 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone in some way and Healthy State is engaged in efforts to empower students to find ways to be safe and help others stay safe. We want to see your masks. Show us your masks by tagging @BeWellGSU and use #GSUMaskUp. We have 50 BeWellGSU masks – show us your mask, complete a brief survey, and we will send 50 students a BeWellGSU mask.

September 2020

Suicide Prevention month is the focus of Healthy State September. If you’re concerned about yourself or someone else, please call the Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 [available 24/7, free and confidential]. Learn the five steps that can help prevent a suicide. Use #HealthyStateGSU spread the word about suicide prevention, and show how we can all take action and make an impact in someone’s life. Share #BeThe1To’s 5 action steps, as well as resources, tips and messages throughout National Suicide Prevention Month and beyond.

October 2020

Domestic Violence Awareness is the focus of Healthy State October. We will be featuring The Red Flag Campaign – a public awareness campaign designed to address dating violence and promote the prevention of dating violence on college campuses. Through using the “bystander intervention” strategy, the campaign encourages friends and other campus community members to “say something” when they see warning signs (“red flags”) for dating violence in a friend’s relationship. Throughout October you can learn more & participate in this #HealthyStateGSU initiative by following #RedFlagsGSU. Please consider submitting an image of yourself, with a red flag, and describing a red flag you see in unhealthy relationships or what you can do to be an active bystander when you see red flags in other relationships.

November 2020

Food Insecurity Awareness is the focus of Healthy State November. Food insecurity means limited or uncertain availability of nutritional adequate and safe foods or limited or uncertain ability to acquire acceptable foods in socially acceptable ways. Unfortunately, a lot of people including college students experience food insecurity. We will be identifying the food pantries available to students on Georgia State University campuses, providing examples of the food items and non-perishable food items available at Panther’s Pantry, and providing examples of what food insecurities look like among college students. Throughout November you can learn more & participate in this initiative by following   #HealthyStateGSU on Instagram and Twitter.

December 2020

AHealthy Stateof Mind is a focus for this month and the Counseling Center will lead stress management activities and Student Health Promotion will share sleep tips #SleepWellGSU. Online health screening through Mindwise will be promoted throughout the month #HealthyMindGSU 

January 2021

The Healthy State theme for the month is “New Year – New Me: My 2021 Vision!” The events focus on providing students an opportunity to reflect on their well-being, envision their future, and act on new health and well-being goals associated with their academic success. Use #HealthyStateGSU to share tips for self-reflection, opportunities to create a vision board, and learn more about the benefit of the TogetherAll platform.

February 2021

February is Love Your Body Month. The Healthy State events focus on providing students an opportunity to learn ways to take care of their bodies and mind. “Dear Me, Be Kind to Me,” is the theme for the month. Use #ILoveMeGSU to share tips for self-care of mind and body.

March 2021

A Safer Spring Break with Self-Care is the focus for this month. The Counseling Center will lead virtual vacations and share YouTube videos for #TakeCareOfYouGSU. Student Health Promotion will be sharing highway safety information during observational seat belt checks on each campus, new videos to ensure correct use of safer sex supplies, and sleep tips to prevent drowsy driving  #SleepWellGSU. Online health screenings, to promote the awareness of excessive gambling behaviors, through Mindwise will be available throughout the month #MindWiseGSU 

April 2021

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.