Mobile Health Clinic

The Mobile Health Clinic travels to the Georgia State University Perimeter campuses each month to offer students access to health and wellness services. The #MobileClinicGSU is a hashtag to follow to keep informed of the dates of the mobile health clinic on the Perimeter campuses.

Student Health Promotion coordinates the logistics of the Mobile Health Clinic and also:

  • Provides services to students – free and confidential HIV and sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing is available to students.
  • Connects students to current programs – each month a health communication campaign is highlighted . #WeGotYouCoveredGSU  is a campaign to identify strategies (e.g., barrier methods) to prevent HIV and STI transmission.
  • Offers student involvement opportunities – students can help promote the mobile clinic by joining the Student Health Promotion Street Team.

The Mobile Health Clinic serves as the educational hub for monthly Healthy State events.

University and community partners collaborate to host educational tables to raise awareness of additional health and wellness resources available to Georgia State University students.

The Mobile Clinic has been suspended because of COVID-19 during Fall 2020 

Alpharetta (parking lot at the curve of the AB building)

Clarkston (parking lot 2)

Dunwoody (parking lot in front of NB building)

Decatur (parking lot in front of the SF building)

Newton (parking lot at the roundabout)